mercredi, mars 01, 2006

grrr post grrr

So I decided to get my act together and mail off Mom's birthday present so it would get there in time (yes, its at the end of the month but you never know with the postal system!!)

So I package up my little gift and scamper down to the post office. But when I arrived I found out that as of today the international mail has changed! Now there is more insurance attached to it as well as other things added on (signature request etc...) although the time it takes to arrive has not changed.

For those of you Americans living in France (or for anyone sending to America) I'll give you an example of the icky price change this caused.

In January I sent off a small box home economique, it weighed about 300g. I paid about 6E. Granted it took a month but hey it wasn't important.

Meanwhile now still using economique I sent off this present which weighed in at just under 400g and paid SIXTEEN EUROS! For the same thing! It would have been a whopping TWENTY-ONE if I would have gone prioritaire!

Needless to say I think this is the last time I send anything home!!!!

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