samedi, janvier 29, 2011


Well that's it folks, I've finished work! My time filling in for Bridget Jones comes to an end February 28th but I put my paid holidays at the end of my contract so I could stop work early and not drive that long drive everyday (118km each way for 18 months, I'm a little tired!). So as of Thursday I am on holiday until my contract comes up, then it's time to get another job! The HR does not want to give me a full time job in a local branch because I do not have branch exprience but cannot give me another CDD because I have already maxed out my CDD options. They said they will call me if a maternity leave contract comes up... I'm not holding my breath.

Looks like in March I'll go back to teaching at least for a while but I'm hoping to find something else more long term. At least I've got the teaching to fall back on as well as the unemployment payments. I also planned in a quick 10 day trip to California to visit my grandparents and my dad. Can't wait to see some sun instead of February drizzle!

New development in my quest to become a Frenchie:

The Prefecture called me Thursday afternoon and said that he was very sorry but there was a paper he forgot to have me fill out when I dropped off my application last July... Could I come by to do it? So I gave up my relaxing Friday to drive down to the Prefecture... an hour each way for a 15 minute meeting. Oh well. He was really nice and said that things should be moving along! He thinks its a matter of a mere 2 to 3 months before I get the official decision but he said he thinks there's no reason for me to worry - I hope he's right!

Here's to job hunting and a positive reply from the French government!

jeudi, janvier 13, 2011

Coming to an end..

Wow the job I started back in Sep '09 is finishing up! It's a CDD contract and instead of getting my congès paid at the end of my contract (which would then be counted as income & taxable) I chose to use them at the end to finish early. Finally got the last calculation of my days off and will have my last day January 27th instead of February 28th.

Given that technically I'll be on vacation in February instead of on unemployment I've decided to take advantage of the low fares and go to California for 10 days to visit my dad & grandparents. Something to look forward to in dreary February is always nice :-)

So the new job hunt is officially on!! I'm looking for: something closer to home (current job is 118km away!!) and something a bit more challenging/involving.

I can't wait for the day where I'm excited to get out if bed and go to work... Please tell me this isn't a dream!

So anyone have any job leads??? :-)