dimanche, août 29, 2010

lawn tutorial

How to make a lawn tutorial.

Step one: rent a rototiller from the local hardware store, 25 euros for a half day.
Step two: rototill the dirt.

Step three: call on the willing father and girlfriend to rake the rototilled dirt taking out stones and big old weeds, allow for a whole day for both sides of the driveway.

Step four: give girlfriend a break since there are only 2 rainjackets when it starts raining buckets and so she can take pictures and nurse her blisters.

Step five: mix the grass seeds with fertilizer and sow the dirt.

Step six: take the roller that the grass store lent you and roll the seeds into the dirt.

Step seven: sit back and wait for the grass to grow... 1 week later we have a little green haze starting!

samedi, août 14, 2010


It's the middle of August and the rain is coming down outside. Mystery Guest told me that you always get 1 good month in the summer - either July or August but not both. Well, unfortuantly he hit that on the nose! July was hot, sunny and beautiful and we were both stuck at work! MG has 3 weeks off in August (I got 10 days) and the weather has been iffy with some nice days but nothing amazing. Today the rain is really coming down so I thought I'd share some of my weekend shots from back when the weather was better!

I couldn't resist throwing in a ton of those hydrangea shots... they just explode like fireworks around here!