mercredi, août 31, 2005

to the ends of the earth!

Miss Shannon, my sister, her new boyfriend and I took a little road trip to the ends of the earth... or rather the furthest point west of the continental US, Neah Bay. Thats where the Makah Indian Reservation is (there was a whaling debate a few years back involving them). It is amazingly beautiful out there, even though there was no sunshine it only added to the mystery with fog rolling over the evergreens and walks through lush forests.

First we went to the Makah Museum which has wonderful artifacts that were discovered near a lake in the 70's, its very well done with different reconstructions highlighting the meticulous craftmanship. Work that was done hundereds of years ago, surviving by being buried in a mudslide.

Then we got back in the car and drove out to the tip of the penninsula, traded in the wheels for some shoes and hiked out to the very end. The forest is almost neon green from so much rain and walking along the boardwalk through it is breathtaking. I can't believe I had never been out there before, only 2 1/2 hours away from where I was in high school!

After that we took a different road home stopping at Hurricane Ridge to see the "Swiss" Olympics but they were mostly fogged in... oh well it was a nice drive up there. The funniest story of the day was that the car radio dosn't work so we were limited to Mom's choice of CDs already in there... drove up to the booth at the National Park and as I rolled down my window the girl in the booth got an earful of "The hills are alive with the sound of music..." We were dying laughing by the timing of that song!

So after a long day of driving, adventuring, show tunes and oldies we all hit the hot tub! Perfect ending.

lundi, août 29, 2005

Rain rain go away....

Well we're having the first real rainy day here at home. Most people assume it rains 365 days of the year near Seattle, not so my friend! We've had a beautiful summer here (according to Mom) but it finally gave in.

Oh well, cozy night dinner of salmon and peach cobbler, love being home! And of course the best part is Miss Shannon has come to visit so we're finally getting caught up over the last few months since she left Normandy for the summer. Amazing that we're only 1 1/2 hours away stateside and got placed in the same town in Normandy! Anyway she's used to the rain, nothing new! It has kind of spoiled plans of going to the beach, kayaking or berrypicking however...

Hopefully this weather will pass soon enough and we can enjoy the next few days of August and not December!!!!

vendredi, août 26, 2005

photos photos!

Well I'm finishing up my summer project - printing out all my pictures from the last 2 years!!!! Well, the ones that are worth it. So that means sorting through CD after CD trying to pick the good ones and trying not to forget any! Did a little price shopping after my inital print of 300 pictures chez Costco and decided to do the last 300 on winkflash, an online company. I just got them in the mail today and they are great quality! Been sorting them into photo albums and labeling places/dates/people on them.

Why this summer project? Why now? Well I just figure that if I don't do it now then I'll forget all those little details and/or will just never get around to doing it. So this way I get a cheap rate (only $0.12 a photo!) and can leave the heavy books around my mom's place so I'm not lugging them across oceans. Good safekeeping of memories...

Its been fun going through them all, especially working on a little side project (can you tell I like to keep busy?), redecorating my high school bedroom... yes folks the high schooler in me is going to get buried in the basement where it belongs! Up go some new black and white photos that I've taken over the last 2 years in nice Ikea frames! I'll let you know how it all works out because I know you are just dyyyying of curiousity! :)

In other news I'm very excited because Miss Shannon herself is driving down on Sunday to visit! Yea! Will get to show her around my town and have a friend to hang out with for a few days before we both go back to Francia :)

jeudi, août 25, 2005

go marching 1 by 1... hurrah!

Just got back from "March of the Penguins", man did they march! No but seriously it was a nice movie, amazing that they could shoot in that cold! Since I'm stateside I saw the English version with Morgan Freeman doing the narration (brillant job!) and when we were chatting before the movie I found out that apparently the French version has the penguins actually talking! (Can anyone verify this for me?) Or maybe I'll just rent the DVD when I go back.

Speaking of going back, I'm doing a very good job of partaking in all that is Americana... English muffins with cream cheese (yes m'am Philly!) and good Mexican food... the list could go on and on, hopefully I won't put on any "American 15" while I'm over here! That would not do for my tight-ass Frenchie pants!
Otherwise these are not going to be very exciting posts until I get back (I do say dahhling I lead a very exciting life!)

Enough of the blabble and time for bed.
Night folks.

mercredi, août 24, 2005

losing a bet...

Well folks after resisting the blogging world I lost a bet and set this up. I've named it Karina Takes France because thats where I've been living for the last two years teaching English in primary schools. This fall I'm taking on a new challenge by starting my Masters at the local university... can we say cheap people??? Oh yes, LUUUV the French educational system, did I mention it was free? Lets work that system baby!
So I hope you enjoy and stop in often to see whats up in my world of random ramblings and rants about my love/hate relationship with France.

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