mardi, février 26, 2008

i'm off!

Off to Venice today! Cross your fingers for ontime flights and decent weather for me! :-)

samedi, février 23, 2008

busy bee

I feel like writing something witty and highly entertaining but alas no little anecdotes come to mind.

Things are going well. I'm working on my 2nd memoire, getting the outline all planned out, should start writing soon-ish. It's hard to stay motivated but this is my last year and I want it done and over with!

Work is going well and since Thursday I've been on vacation. We leave Tuesday to go to Venice for 3 days. I have been itching to go for a while and about 2 months ago I realized that we both had the same February vacation and the tickets were way cheap after Carnival is over! So 2 RyanAir tickets were bought and we're off on an adventure!

Currently out at Mystery Guest's house, we're just chilling, eating brioche, watching Lost and getting our PACs papers in order. They are all set to go, we just need to drop them off at the Tribunal and ask for a rendez-vous!

Another big trip is on the horizon, Mom gave us our graduation presents early (his L3 (BA) and my Masters2 are finishing up this year!) and we're off to the US for 24 days in August!!! We're researching rental car prices and are going to do a big massive road trip. I'm so excited!!

2008 is going to be a good year, I can feel it :-)

lundi, février 18, 2008

walking tongue?

On all the bus/tram stops in Caen there is this ad plastered everywhere, I couldn't find it on google images but the one we have actually has this little tongue that has its own elephant-like feet. It is too weird and creepy... I'll have to see if i can take a picture of it, has anyone else seen it??

In other news Mystery Guest and I went to see National Treasure: the Book of Secrets. I loved loved it!! It had the same spirit of the Indiana Jones movies with the historical suspense of the DaVinci Code (book, not movie!). I thought it was excellent.

vendredi, février 15, 2008


Just got back from Juno, I loved, loved it! Thanks Sam for the recommendation. Plus the music rocks :-)


Karina 1, French bank 1

I had to stop by my bank today to set up an international transfer of 27.40CHF to Switzerland to pay for my birth certificate. For the first time ever my lets-charge-for-every-simple-thing bank was nice and transfered it with no fee! The fee was 14euros and would have been almost as much as the transfer itself!!

I didn't even ask, that was the best part, the girl just told me, no problem I talked to your banker and he said it wasn't worth charging you, we put it down as free...

Happy dance as I left the bank :-) God that feels good!

jeudi, février 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day!! Nevermind the commercial broo-haha of this holiday, money does not have to be spent to send out some big hugs and kisses to those you love!

Thanks for the Valentine's Day wishes Mystery Guest, Mom and Dipshit, you guys rock!


mercredi, février 13, 2008

sew sew

Last night I finally decided to break out my new sewing machine that I got at Lidl for only 60e (+3 year warrenty!!) a few months ago. I hadn't had time to even take it out of the box, nor a small project I could play with. So I decided my new project would be to take off the annoying flappy end of my duvet cover that you're supposed to tuck under and put some snaps on to close it. I hate it when my blanket wiggies its way out of the cover and gets all messed up... me? OCD? never...

Anyway it was a fun little project to test out my kick-ass sewing machine! That thing is a beast and has so many functions! Lidl rocks my world! Yes I get excited over new duvet covers and sewing machines, who doesn't?

**End nerdy moment**

lundi, février 11, 2008


Yesterday I took the day and went to Paris to see my old college roomie Jiji and her hubby Mr. X ;-) They were just in Paris for a few days and since I hadn't seen her since her wedding 2 years ago I couldn't resist jumping on the train to spend the day hanging out and catching up.

We walked all over Paris since the weather was just stunning. Starting from Saint Lazare, through the Louvre and down to St Michel for lunch in a creperie.

Saw some military dudes and scoped out Sarko's house. Talk about some high security areas of Paris! His house is on the same strip as 3 or 4 embassies (including the American one).
Then they met up with some friends to go to the movies and I made my way back to Saint Lazare to meet up with another old college friend who recently moved to Paris. I hadn't seen him in about 6 years so that was fun to have a little coffee and a chat before catching my train.
Couldn't resist taking this picture on my way to the station tee hee.
Anyway you would think that was my adventure for the day... ohhhh noooo...
I decided to take the 5:30 train back to Caen. Got on and finally found a seat. Then the announcer came on and said there would be a short delay. We got underway at about 5:50. Then 5 minutes outside of Paris the train came to a screeching halt...
We hit a shopping cart, said the conductor.
Yup. Someone put a shopping cart on the rails and we ran over it. Apparently it got lodged under the train so they had to call the maintenance crew to get it off/out what have you. During this time there was a group of high school kiddies sitting right behind me that were hyperactive and playing with their phones. Yes, we all loved hearing horrible french hiphop on horrible cell phone speakers for hours on end. That was wonderful entertainment. Then since we were in the last car the area by the toilets became the smoking zone (yes, trains are now supposed to be smoke free...) but if only they were just smoking cigarettes...
They arrived 1 hour later. and at about 8:45 we got underway - again. Then someone had a "malaise" and the firemen had to come and take them to the hospital.
THEN we stopped at an unscheduled stop (Mantes la Jolie if you're interested, this is how far we were from Paris...) to check things again and lucky us the lovely SNCF people ::snicker snicker:: let us have some bottled water.
I got home and in bed at midnight, it should have been 7:40pm...
I'm pooped and going to go have a talk with the SNCF people this afternoon to see about getting my ticket reimbursed. That was insane to say the least!
***Edit*** Just got back from the SNCF boutique, apparently when it is not their fault (ie they did not put the shopping cart on the tracks) they do not reimburse the tickets. I'm so writing customer service. The least the could have done is kept some order in the train. ::fuming::

vendredi, février 08, 2008


Today was quite the adventure! I took the train up to Mystery Guest's house Thursday evening and early Friday morning we left to drive the 3 hours down to Rennes. We caught a beautiful sunrise over the water on the way out and had a spectacular view of sun through the frosted fields and low fog.
We made it down there without a problem and after a little hunting around and a quick call to Sam we found the American Presence Post in Rennes (like a mini-embassy). I had to go in person to get 2 different documents to get PACSed - yup yup Mr. Mystery Guest and I are gonna be civil-unionized baby :-) It was a piece of cake and I'm so glad that I went to Rennes instead of the mad-house that the American Embassy in Paris is.. yuck!

As soon as we could we shot out of town and to Merlin's forest. We tried to go to this great creperie nearby but it was closed, I think I shed a little tear.. So we went off to the forest. I just love that place, it is so beautiful and this is the 3rd time we've been there. Who says it rains 100% of the time in Brittany? Everytime we've been there we've had unbelieveable weather! The scenery is stunning and it was warm, sunny and no wind, felt like spring had sprung.
Afterwards we went in search of a geo-cache in the forest near Fougeres. It was just one of those magical days of sunshine after a long grey winter (which according to the Groundhog is not over yet!)
Since we couldn't get our crepes in Brittany we stopped by a fantastic creperie in Caen - le Vieux Pommier if anyone is interested. It is teeny-tiny with about 20 seats and one woman who runs the whole show. She's the waitress, the chef and the dishwasher and believe me it is impressive to see her work (always smiling) when the restaurant is packed! Today we called at 6:30 to see if we could make a reservation and when she asked what time and I asked when they would open she said anytime, I can open now! So we were the only ones in there for the first half of our meal.

It was a fantastic day, got a seemingly paperwork headache out of the way and got to enjoy the sunshine, the adventure of a road trip and great company for the rest! ;-)

jeudi, février 07, 2008

as french as apple pie

Tried making a new kind of apple pie, inspired by Mystery Guest's mom I added a wash of watered down apricot jam over the top as a kind of glaze :-) The recipe is on my other blog, I have yet to try it but it looks yummy!

mercredi, février 06, 2008

Is it just me or does this scare the beejeezers out of anyone else?? Yikes.
In France they always crack up when they hear about the Republican canidate, you would too if your reference was this... McFry anyone?

samedi, février 02, 2008


Today, Feb 2nd is the Chandeleur, or Candlemas in English. You're supposed to eat crêpes and the main tradition is to flip it over with a coin (a Louis d'or) in your hand to have prosperity for the rest of the year. His mom has an original gold coin that was her dads. Here is the back, you can see the date, it says 1859.
On the front is Napoléon III. Here it is next to a penny for comparison.

Here I am trying to flip the crêpe with the coin in one hand... this one sadly ended up on the floor but I perfected my crêpe flipping talent and the next one was perfect ;-) Money for me this year!
And here is Mystery Guest, I think having French blood helps, that and years of practice!