jeudi, décembre 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

As we are about to ring in 2010 (if I manage to stay awake...!) I thought I'd post a quickie for my ever dwindling readers - not that I blame you!
Between no Internet at home* and of course no blogging at work, a list a mile long of things to blog about but no time it's been a busy end to 2009!
I'm looking forward to 2010 & all it brings, the new house, new adventures and experiences.... I'm sure it will be great!
So have a safe and happy new year and see you all next year!!!

* we were planning on moving the last week of December but there were of couse delays so luckily our landlord is letting us stay until the end of January! But of course for once the Internet gods moved our line on time! So no Internet at home, thank god for the iPhone!!! More house pictures to come, it's looking SO great!

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vendredi, décembre 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes from MilkJam & Mystery Guest!

jeudi, décembre 17, 2009

Christmas party

Tonight is the office Christmas party and since I don't know what to expect; I've never been to an office Christmas party (and because 90% of me colleagues are British), all I can picture is the drunk karaoke scene from Bridget Jones' Diary... You all know the one right?
Sometime I feel like I live in that movie... Maybe I should rename my blog!

Milk Jam's Diary

Does that have a good ring to it?

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