vendredi, septembre 17, 2010

seven years

Inspired by Ksam's post yesterday I had to go double check my own carte de sejour to see when I arrived... 1 day later! Today is my own 7 year Franciversary!

I don't think I ever denied the possiblity that I might stay longer than the initially expected 1 year but I guess I never thought I'd be here permanantly and on the road to citizenship (fingers crossed!)

But here I am, almost 29 and loving living out in the home we built with Mystery Guest. I'm still looking for the job that I'll wake up excited about but all things considered I'm sure that will work itself out, just need to keep an eye out! I guess that's where my "itch" is these days, could be worse though :)

So here's to all of us 7-year Franciversaries! I know there are a few more of you out there!