dimanche, août 27, 2006

and the cat came back....

A few weeks ago Mystery Guest was awakened by a meow by the window, a orange neighbor kitty saw my open window and was trying to get into my appartment! He tried everything, going from window to window trying to poke his little head in!

I thought it was just a fluke, but then a few days later I saw the same cat wandering around the courtyard that my window looks out on.

The cat came back!

Yesterday I heard another meow and thought, oh no, the kitty is back - quick close the windows!

But when I looked outside there was a fluffy grey kitty curled up on my windowsill just quietly napping. I thought he would leave but he stayed there all day just relaxing outside my window. I'm not about to let random stray cats (even if they have a collar) into my nice clean flea-free appartment but it was kind of nice to have the company :-)

Someone help me before I turn into a crazy old knitting lady in her rocking chair surrounded by cats and bowls of milk!

vendredi, août 25, 2006


I finally got an sms from France Telecom saying that my new line is up and running and therefore should be getting my new Freebox (with phone, tv and internet!) soon! Thank God, afterall its only been two months!

So when I call my new phone line it rings but the actual phone dosn't ring in my house...

So I took of the plastic covering of the phone jack and look at all that crud! Ick Ick! I'm gonna clean it up and hopefully it was just a problem of dirt and the phone should work soon.

Here's to keeping your fingers crossed for me!

jeudi, août 24, 2006

1 year!

My blog is 1 year old today!

Never thought I'd end up getting this addicted to it! I lost a bet but in the end I'm the one who actually updates the blog :-)

I realized that even though this blog is very public the reason I write isn't always to have it be public. I haven't kept a journal since 2001 and this blog has turned into my journal. It's so fun for me to be able to look back on old posts and remember random little funny moments, people and adventures.

Me? Nostalgic? Nahh.... ;-)

mercredi, août 23, 2006


In order to redeem myself for the not-so-flattering picture of Mystery Guest from the other night I'm sharing my private collection of Mystery Guest photos :-)

Did I snag a stud or what??

mardi, août 22, 2006

uno nite

We've been playing lots of board games in the evenings, its really fun to get together a whole bunch of people and actually talk and laugh and kick some uno-bootie! Reminds me of family camping trips back when we didn't have dvds to watch etc... Here's a picture of Mystery Guest Card Shark himself as well as two friends from the other night when we went for the World Championship round of Uno!

Guess who won?? :-) hehe

But it was a great night because I also got a chance to see my new best friend:

I am also the champion multi-tasker! I was playing with her, playing Uno and teaching English! She kept giving me cards and I replied with thank you. Eventually she started repeating it back to me but with the most adorable accent! It came out something like pichu :-) sooo cute!

lundi, août 21, 2006


On Thursday I had the pleasure of going with Mystery Guest and his buds to eat sushi :) I've been to this restaurant tons of times now and we even asked the guy if we could get a punch card, you know buy 10 dinners get one free? Yeah, well alas no... But I'm sure after this time he'll remember us...

As usual dinner was delish but of course when you get 7 or 8 childhood friends together things can get... well interesting! After slurping down some miso soup, and chomping on the cabbage salad we dug into the sushi platters. I always get the usual - Menu K (tee hee for Karina?) which is what you see in the picture. Yum yum!

After dinner we all got to talking and somehow (don't ask me!) there was a dare set up to see who could eat wasabi (the lovely green blob of spicy horseradish you see in the lower lefthand corner). I think the dare also involved skinnydipping in the midnight ocean once back home but I was not there to witness anything... so mums the word!

For your entertainment I couldn't resist putting up a short video of Mystery Guest's brother trying to gracefully eat the wasabi ;-)

Bon Appétit!

samedi, août 19, 2006

i won!

Mystery Guest plays the lotto online from time to time and yesterday there was a huge jackpot with Euro Millions to be won so I said I'll throw in 2€ for a ticket...

I won!!!

Ok. Ok. I admit that I didn't win the big jackpot but I won 23€ baby! Never had played the lotto before - must be beginners luck but I don't care I won!

Happy Dance.

jeudi, août 17, 2006


Has anyone else noticed that there is a serious lack of flossing here? I remember trying to buy floss and only finding one kind! Seems like at home dentists are really big on flossing and there are a million different flavors and kinds to buy...

So Mystery Guest asked if he could try my floss (first time flossing at 25, people!!) and I was in the other room so I said go ahead.

Then I walked into the bathroom and saw him holding the floss in one hand trying to floss and the little box dangling out the side of his mouth... I guess for someone who has never flossed the little cutter thing isn't obvious.

mercredi, août 16, 2006

new pad!

Well here is the promised video tour of my new pad ;)

dimanche, août 13, 2006


What? Are we in November? What happened to my summer? In the space of a month we went from having a sweltering heat wave (38C) to this... cold, wet, grey (12C) weather. Blech.

I swear summer wasn't supposed to be over already! This better mean a beautiful fall otherwise someone up there is gonna get a piece of me ;-)

book review...

Well I seem to do movie reviews quite often but haven't really done any book reviews. I guess thats because during the school year I'm so busy that when I read its Bridget Jones or something light and fluffy to help me unwind before going to bed...

So when I got 400+ page book The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova as a Christmas present I didn't even attempt to try and start it. So this summer I thought well here's my chance.

I started it and couldn't put it down!

It was really good! If you liked fast-paced nature of the DaVinci Code but found it too fluffy try this book. It had a lot of historical background to Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) and a great story to go along with it.

There, thats my $0.02 :-)

samedi, août 12, 2006


On Thursday morning I got up early and caught a train to Paris to go visit my friend Ambre who is in Paris for a few days from Reunion Island. We had a blast walking all over Paris! First we stopped in a yummy Japanese noodle restaurant that I used to go to when I lived there a few years ago. Then afterwards we walked down to the Musee d'Orsay because she had never been there (yes! teachers get in free baby!)

After that we walked over to the Marais to meet my friend Shannon who just moved there to get her keys as she works late. And then Starbucks baby!

Ambre left in the evening and then Shannon came back and we had a nice girly chat about boys, jobs etc, I miss having roomies! Thats so fun :-) The next morning we went to Breakfast in America for a gooooood brunch! It really is a good thing I don't live in Paris! I would be broke!

Here's a picture of the view from Shannon's place! Its awesome, a little loft in the heart of Paris! (granted there are 7 flights of stairs to climb....)

And here is Shannon infront of her door, she lives above a synagogue!

mardi, août 08, 2006


Spent another fab day out in la Manche. Started out with a sushi lunch at the best sushi restaurant this side of the Mississippi ... er rather the Orne. Then we drove out to the smallest port in France, Diélette , which has a lovely but windy walk along the pier.

Afterwards we continued on to the lost bay near Cherbourg for a beautiful walk through the Jurassic Park ferns and old ruins...

On the way back we stopped by Cherbourg to pick up Mystery Guest's new glasses. A poll is now in place : Do you prefer

Glasses #1 or

Glasses #2??

Casts your votes now!

And for your enjoyment...

me trying on glasses in the store... luuuurve the round frames!

lundi, août 07, 2006


I've been out in La Manche for the last couple days having a pure vacation hanging out with Mystery Guest and the Fam.

Daily agenda you may ask?


Eat yummy homecooked food.


Go for a drive (hehe practicing my stick techniques... clutch, gas, brake baby).

Swim in the ocean.

Take a walk.


And the cycle repeats itself. I love it.

Been taking lots of pictures on our walks, the scenery here is so beautiful and untouched. Just thought I'd share with you a few pictures. :-)


And a self-portrait of us watching it.

samedi, août 05, 2006

theatrical tours

Last night Mystery Guest and I went on a fantastic tour of Caen. Different from other city tours, this is actually a theatrical tour of the city. Starting at the tourist office with a brief 1-act play the guide then takes over and leads the group around the city. There are different stops with other 1-act plays telling different tales from different historical periods related to Caen. I had heard of this special summer-time only guided tour thanks to the beautiful Princess Virginie who's friend is an actress here in town.

It is such a different way to see a city that you are visiting, or even one that you live in. We wandered through streets that I had been down a million times but never knew behind-the-scenes stories. The actors were at the same time funny and powerful as they played their scene infront of ancient churches or monuments. With the costumes and the setting you were automatically transported back in history.

Very impressive.

So if you're around Caen either living here or passing through during the summer I'd highly recommend this tour :)