dimanche, août 13, 2006


What? Are we in November? What happened to my summer? In the space of a month we went from having a sweltering heat wave (38C) to this... cold, wet, grey (12C) weather. Blech.

I swear summer wasn't supposed to be over already! This better mean a beautiful fall otherwise someone up there is gonna get a piece of me ;-)

2 commentaires:

Mr. Mystery Guest a dit…

yep somebody will definitely get their ass kicked if automn is all grey and rainy !! You've been warned up there ;)

we_love_tea a dit…

lol, I'd be scared!

It's still hot & humid on the other side of the world...*sigh*...one more month to go of this weather, then we get the typhoons! Yay!

(No wonder Japanese people have such strange fashion--mine is getting pretty bizarre, too, just to cope with the weather!)