lundi, février 26, 2007


I'm having such a bad month, first the appartment situation (we decided to give notice and move, its just too much not sleeping and being cranky all the time!)
But then my phone was stolen out of my jacket pocket when my coat was hanging over the back of the chair I was sitting in!!! So mooching internet from friends which cuts in and out, no landline and now no cell... all those numbers lost plus my cute little phone and the fact that someone stole from me hurts like crazy. When the shit happens it happens all at once eh?? :-(

jeudi, février 22, 2007

happy belated valentine's day!

I've been wanting to put a little Happy Valentine's Day out there for a little while but I was too lazy to find my camera and then I had trouble uploading the photo I wanted.

Mystery Man surprised me on Valentine's day with a beautiful long-stemed red rose! It smells so good and is still alive and looking amazing! It's been over one week and it has hardly started to wilt. It's those little things isn't it? Not a dozen roses but the simplicity of one beautiful one, crimson red and velvety.

In other news a few nights ago we caught Molière at the movies, I had read on other blogs that people really seemed to like it. I have to agree it was a really fun movie, reminded me of a Shakespeare in Love style of film, not a period piece exactly. There were a ton of references to his plays and unlike the Frenchies who read tons of stuff in high school I only read 1 play in college and saw a theater production of another. So I think I missed a lot of the references but it made me want to go and check out some of his stuff from the library!

samedi, février 17, 2007

new pad

Well we're pretty much all moved in over here... after living amongst boxes since Tuesday we now only have a few floating around :-) things are starting to take shape and now the decorating and organizing is fun instead of just a necessity.
The new place is great, its not too cold* and has lots of windows and light. The internet isn't up and running yet but for the moment we're able to mooch off of a friend's wifi who lives in the same building.
*The reason being we live above a bakery, which in Mystery Roomie's (still trying to find a good new name for him... suggestions?) eyes is heaven on Earth, living above a bakery, warm bread in the mornings.. ahhh. I think the ovens keep our appt above warmer which isn't a bad thing. The only bad thing is that when the bakery starts kicking into gear early in the morning! They must have their ovens in the basement and when they load up the little elevator to bring stuff up to the shop all we can hear is CREAK CREAK CREAK of ungreased chains then a loud BANG of the elevator arriving at its destination... at 6:45AM! This goes on for about 45 minutes and let me tell you, it wears quickly on the nerves!!! But today they're closed and I've never been happier :-) Something must be done, we're working on it, but the baker-lady has not been helpful "Well its been like this for 10 years and there's nothing I can do about it."
Big meanie.

vendredi, février 09, 2007

packing packing...

Well things are now officially on a roll. We stopped by the new appartment to say hi (I know the people who live there now, thats how we found out about it). It's almost all emptied and I can already envision how we could put our stuff in there... ohh can't wait! To get going I had picked up a few boxes the other night and then today Mystery Guest (Mystery V?) and I stopped by Picard to grab some more.

So tonight it started... the packing, oh the packing. One of those avoidable things in life, I guess like taxes and death eh? Some wonderful friends have offered to help us move but alas it is up to me to do the boxes. I hate packing and since I'm not moving until Wednesday and have to work inbetween its also deciding what I'll be needing and what I should start packing right away. Blech.

jeudi, février 08, 2007


I decided I needed to get out of the house so when I called my best bud she suggested that we go to a concert at the new music hall in town, Le Cargo. It was free to the first 200 students and the hall itself was really nice. It was my first punk concert and I did have a good laugh, but the music just isn't my thing. My favorite part of the concert was watching all the crowd surfers!
Things are calming down a bit workwise, I started classes up again after the January exams and the second semester is starting off smoothly. But I have been busy trying to tie up ends to move, finding boxes and running around. We'll be moving on Wednesday so then there'll be a short hiatus in blogland just because I don't feel comfortable using working computers to blog. I never talk about work here not because I'm avoiding talking about anything negative but just because I'd prefer to leave that aspect of my life off the blog.

vendredi, février 02, 2007

karina's stairs?

Things have been busy getting ready to move. We're going to be moving around the 14th/15th of February and as the appartment is going to be pretty bare we're doing the calculations of what Mystery Guest has got and what I've got... what we can borrow from his parents and what we buy.

So we've already bought a washing machine, this was a must have, especially since January my local lavomatique increased their prices and it costs me about 10E to do a wash and dry!!!! Nothing makes me miss the days of student housing at university like the price of laundry! Where a wash and dry were each $0.75! So this machine will pay for itself really fast!

Yesterday we tackled next on the list, a cuisiniere, on gas instead of electricity cause it cheaper and well cooks better! We thought we found a good used one but the hook up to the gas wasn't right. So we decided just to take the bottom of the line new one with the warranty etc. Afterwards we had a bit of time so we went to Leroy Merlin to check out what we could bricoler for a desk... I got a little distracted by these stairs! They are Karina Stairs!!!!! How funny is that??? I got a little too excited but at the same time I never see my name anywhere! Stateside or in France!