samedi, février 17, 2007

new pad

Well we're pretty much all moved in over here... after living amongst boxes since Tuesday we now only have a few floating around :-) things are starting to take shape and now the decorating and organizing is fun instead of just a necessity.
The new place is great, its not too cold* and has lots of windows and light. The internet isn't up and running yet but for the moment we're able to mooch off of a friend's wifi who lives in the same building.
*The reason being we live above a bakery, which in Mystery Roomie's (still trying to find a good new name for him... suggestions?) eyes is heaven on Earth, living above a bakery, warm bread in the mornings.. ahhh. I think the ovens keep our appt above warmer which isn't a bad thing. The only bad thing is that when the bakery starts kicking into gear early in the morning! They must have their ovens in the basement and when they load up the little elevator to bring stuff up to the shop all we can hear is CREAK CREAK CREAK of ungreased chains then a loud BANG of the elevator arriving at its destination... at 6:45AM! This goes on for about 45 minutes and let me tell you, it wears quickly on the nerves!!! But today they're closed and I've never been happier :-) Something must be done, we're working on it, but the baker-lady has not been helpful "Well its been like this for 10 years and there's nothing I can do about it."
Big meanie.

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Samantha a dit…

We had train tracks running behind our house when I was younger, and we never even heard them. It was only when guests would come over that we would remember they were even there! Same thing happens now when people stay at our apartment - we live on a busy road and it used to drive us crazy and wake us up at night, but now we don't even hear it anymore. So maybe you'll get used to it too after a while??

Karina a dit…

Nah, this is beyond anything else! I lived by a train track (literally next to it where when Amtrack went by at 6am my room would shake) for 2 years in college and then 3 years in Caen next to 2 bars that were very lively on the weekends and I never had trouble getting used to certain noises but this is beyond anything!! Plus I went to go see the lady today (who was so unfriendly and biatchy) because they started at 5:30am this morning ON A SUNDAY and i'm seriously exhausted... I would love to get used to it... I really would but i'm tired!