vendredi, février 09, 2007

packing packing...

Well things are now officially on a roll. We stopped by the new appartment to say hi (I know the people who live there now, thats how we found out about it). It's almost all emptied and I can already envision how we could put our stuff in there... ohh can't wait! To get going I had picked up a few boxes the other night and then today Mystery Guest (Mystery V?) and I stopped by Picard to grab some more.

So tonight it started... the packing, oh the packing. One of those avoidable things in life, I guess like taxes and death eh? Some wonderful friends have offered to help us move but alas it is up to me to do the boxes. I hate packing and since I'm not moving until Wednesday and have to work inbetween its also deciding what I'll be needing and what I should start packing right away. Blech.

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Gem a dit…

Are you going to keep calling him Mystery Guest? I mean, now that you live together maybe he should become Mystery Roommate or something. Good luck with everything--I know how much stress it can be!!