jeudi, février 22, 2007

happy belated valentine's day!

I've been wanting to put a little Happy Valentine's Day out there for a little while but I was too lazy to find my camera and then I had trouble uploading the photo I wanted.

Mystery Man surprised me on Valentine's day with a beautiful long-stemed red rose! It smells so good and is still alive and looking amazing! It's been over one week and it has hardly started to wilt. It's those little things isn't it? Not a dozen roses but the simplicity of one beautiful one, crimson red and velvety.

In other news a few nights ago we caught Molière at the movies, I had read on other blogs that people really seemed to like it. I have to agree it was a really fun movie, reminded me of a Shakespeare in Love style of film, not a period piece exactly. There were a ton of references to his plays and unlike the Frenchies who read tons of stuff in high school I only read 1 play in college and saw a theater production of another. So I think I missed a lot of the references but it made me want to go and check out some of his stuff from the library!

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