mardi, novembre 17, 2009

No luck :-(

Just took my drivers test, the guy was so mean. He totally stressed me out, it took me 4 tries to parallel park (normally i get it in 1 try!!!) and then he made a snide comment and another one when I didn't understand what he was saying in French. But the kicker was I had to turn right at a stop sign onto a busy road - looked to me left, nothing, then to the right and finally another check to the left: nada. So I went, then as I was shifting up a big jeep passed me and I failed then and there because I didn't pay attention!?!?! I never saw the guy!!
So at a yield sign I was yelled at for not not pulling out quickly enough and then failed for a car I never fricking saw.
Might not get my license for another 6 weeks now :-(

Big boo.

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mercredi, novembre 11, 2009

My new baby!!!

Just bought my first car ever!!!! Isn't she pretty??? 2001 Volkswagon Bora. I think she needs a name... any thoughts??

Fingers crossed I pass my test on Tuesday...

** update, found out that the same model in the states is called a Jetta :-)

mardi, novembre 03, 2009

siding goes up up up!

Just a little house update! The siding is going up!! The west side (above) is done, even all the detail work under the eves and around the windows.
The south side is going up as well and then it will work around to the east and finally the north. Looks great doesn't it???? I love the color! We were worried that it would be too orangey-yellow but it is just the right shade!
In other house news we now have toilets (not installed yet but bought!) and the tile for the downstairs has been ordered - what a headache picking THAT out! The state of the inside really is a construction site, so no photos for now, but it is being drywalled so the heater dude can come in and put in the heated floor downstairs! Yea! No more cold feet for MilkJam! :-)
So that's my micro update for now, got to get back to looking for a car! I pass my driver's test on the 17th now and would like to have a car ready to go if possible, but man do they get snatched up fast!