mardi, novembre 17, 2009

No luck :-(

Just took my drivers test, the guy was so mean. He totally stressed me out, it took me 4 tries to parallel park (normally i get it in 1 try!!!) and then he made a snide comment and another one when I didn't understand what he was saying in French. But the kicker was I had to turn right at a stop sign onto a busy road - looked to me left, nothing, then to the right and finally another check to the left: nada. So I went, then as I was shifting up a big jeep passed me and I failed then and there because I didn't pay attention!?!?! I never saw the guy!!
So at a yield sign I was yelled at for not not pulling out quickly enough and then failed for a car I never fricking saw.
Might not get my license for another 6 weeks now :-(

Big boo.

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3 commentaires:

Justin a dit…

Hang in there, it is just a little setback but you WILL get it!

Canedolia a dit…

Commiserations, and good luck for next time.

I love your new pictures, by the way!

JT's gal a dit…

I love it... I just noticed you have a car but no DL! I love your confidence. You will get your DL just hang in there. Take a few weeks off and go back, hopefully you will not get the same person... Maybe even try going to a different location! Good Luck my friend!