jeudi, janvier 31, 2008


Ok 2 very very different movies, but 2 thumbs up from MilkJam! :-)

mardi, janvier 29, 2008

job hunting

So along with the stress of exams, preparing lessons, writing another thesis blah blah I need to look for a job for next year...

The internet can be a wonderful thing, so I thought if there is anyone out there who knows of a job in the Basse-Normandie region (Cherbourg/Caen) please feel free to get in touch with me ;-)

Hey it never hurts to put a little self-publicity out there!!

In the meantime... I swear I'd pay someone to correct my 200 Econ student's exams!! :-)

samedi, janvier 26, 2008

weekend in the countryside



Beautiful eh?

samedi, janvier 19, 2008

me? procrastinate? never...

... That and I made some fondants au chocolat :-) miiiiiam...!

jeudi, janvier 17, 2008

Aussie in Caen!

Breaking News! Aussie Takes Caen!
My friend Louise came in on Saturday after an extremely looooong and painful flight. She was an assistant here a few years ago so she got to re-discover Caen. We spent a great few days just relaxing and hanging out, its great to have such an easy houseguest! No need to translate or play tourist with, but just hang out, eat cheese from the marche and kick back.
Good thing because I was still half jetlagged myself!
More to come... right now its freezing so I'm going to hibernate under the covers :-)

vendredi, janvier 11, 2008

thirt? shong?

My roomie just got back from the sales and showed me this hilarious find she snagged... I just about peed my pants, I've never seen anything like it! Have you? Apparently her boyfriend just couldn't handle the crazyness that this "thirt" or "shong" is...

I think you have to be a girl to realize the totally practical nature of this... er... what should we call it?

But god does it look funny! :-)

jeudi, janvier 10, 2008


I was going through a few of the Australia photos today and I found this one that I looooove. With my sexy new camera you can do 'color-select' pictures. So I selected that ruby red of the hibiscus tea in the morning sun. Awesome isn't it?

mardi, janvier 08, 2008

Oz (brief) recap

There is just too much to say. I had a fantastic time on Kangaroo Island with my family where we saw (and held!!) some fantastic wildlife. Then I went to Sydney with my sister and met up with my friend Louise for 3 days before starting my 48 hour trip home. I'm back now and there are 1000 pictures to sort through and lazy me is leaving you with these few images that sum things up nicely ;-)

Happy New Year! 2008
(why did I forget that for the next few weeks I'll be wishing that to all the Frenchies? forgot about that custom...)