mardi, janvier 08, 2008

Oz (brief) recap

There is just too much to say. I had a fantastic time on Kangaroo Island with my family where we saw (and held!!) some fantastic wildlife. Then I went to Sydney with my sister and met up with my friend Louise for 3 days before starting my 48 hour trip home. I'm back now and there are 1000 pictures to sort through and lazy me is leaving you with these few images that sum things up nicely ;-)

Happy New Year! 2008
(why did I forget that for the next few weeks I'll be wishing that to all the Frenchies? forgot about that custom...)

3 commentaires:

Emily a dit…

So far, it looks like you had a great time! BTW, why do they call it "oz"?

Anonyme a dit…

I think we call it that because it's short for Australia, like Aus but spelt like Oz, also because it's so far away, it's like the land of oz!

Your photos are making me homesick! I can't wait to go back in February and get out of this crappy weather. How did you handle the 40 degree heat?

Karina a dit…

The heat was fine because where we were it was dry heat. It's humidity that i just can't stand!!! I grew up in California and we'd have a couple weeks in the summer of 100+ temps, but dry so that's fine. One day we were on Kangaroo island and we went away from the coast to the center of the island to visit a sheep dairy (Island Pure, they rock!) and it was 50C, opening the car door was like opening an oven!!