mercredi, novembre 30, 2011

DIY cookie stand

The weather is being bipolar this week after 3 weeks of beautiful sunny and almost spring like weather yesterday we had a rain and windstorm whip through and today the sun is out again. Fingers crossed that the weather will be half decent on Saturday when I go to Caen to have my cookie stand in the little Christmas market!

(seriously, fingers crossed! I'm making mad cookies and if no one comes I'm not eating them all!!)

To get ready I wanted a way to lift up the cookies instead of just having them on plates on a table. I got some ideas from other DIY bakers and came up with my cookie stand! I think all in all it cost me 4.50 euros to make and is rather classy looking if I do say so myself!

I displayed some mince pies that an English friend gave us. His wife made them so I tried one at lunch today. The only other time I've tried mince pies was last year working in the British office (store bought ones, not very good in my opinion.) So even though I thought I might not like them I gave them a shot and they weren't bad. The pastry and frangipane topping were yummy but the filling had an odd vinegary taste to it.. So I had to have a second one to confirm. 

I also think I might end up eating numbers 3 and 4 because a) Mystery Guest doesn't like dried fruit and b) he thought they were savory and when I said they were sweet he just got that "oh crazy English people" look on his face....

mardi, novembre 29, 2011

Saving Christmas

Not much new around here... the weather finally is icky (wind is howling outside!) it's crazy to think that this time last year we had snow!!!

I just wanted to hop online and share with the world that  I finally found an xmas tree stand! I saw it at Casa for 10€ so for all you expats out there stop by your local Casa to see if they've got any! I think we'll wait a little longer before busting out the tree (still haven't seen them sold yet, maybe our area is a little behind?) and decorations but once we do this little elves workshop will be steaming ahead! woot! 

vendredi, novembre 18, 2011

Code de la Route

For anyone looking to pass your French driving test just an FYI, one of the code de la route apps is free for today.

jeudi, novembre 17, 2011


In case you don't follow me on twitter or on facebook... some shameless self-promotion (heck it is my blog!) for my cookie website and my holiday special! What else would make a cookie fanatic happier than a personalized cookie jar filled with homemade cookies? Honestly, I can't think of anything!

Oh, and for anyone in the Caen area I'll be at a mini Christmas market put on by Greedy Guts on December 3rd!

mercredi, novembre 09, 2011


I'm getting in the Christmasy spirit around here and working on a new gingerbread recipe. It's a really different kind of cookie dough (no eggs!?!) but it really cooks up well. I made them on the thicker side then I normally do (and tried really hard not to over bake them - I swear I check on them, turn my back and my oven decides to cook faster? wtf?).

Still trying to decide if I prefer them chewy (as above) or more "gingersnappy". I think I'm leaning towards chewy and it seems as though facebook friends agree with me!

I also got a chance to do something I love - cookie decoration! I practiced my "flooding" technique which worked out well and is so easy once you know how.

I've also got a Christmas surprise up my sleeve but MIL has my blog address and churns it through google translate so no sneak peaks unfortunately!

samedi, novembre 05, 2011


Just a little snapshot of our lunch today. We stopped by the in-laws yesterday and my MIL gave me some fresh cod filets that my FIL caught (he loves to fish). For lunch I breaded them with breadcrumbs flavored with lemon zest and herbs de provence and pan fried them. A little soft polenta and voila - lunch!


vendredi, novembre 04, 2011


 Last night Mystery Guest suggested going to the movies, I'd like to see Tintin but refuse to see anything in 3D and the times didn't work out anyway. He had heard about Intouchables, French movie that had just come out and looked good.

I haven't written about movies much in the last couple of years, there have been some good ones and some absolutely horrible ones but this one blew my mind.

It was funny, touching and from the first scene you were in the movie. Here's the trailer, I won't say anymore :)