lundi, avril 30, 2012

La casse

Saturday night Mystery Guest and I met up after I got off work to go see the Avengers (two thumbs up!) and on the way home since we had two cars he followed me home.

When we got home he went straight to my car because something was off- literally. The plastic covering my taillights had completely fallen off and my bulbs where exposed. Not only that but Saturday night and all day Sunday we had torrential wind and rain. He covered the exposed part as best he could and we took a look online to see how much a replacement part would cost if la casse didn't have it.

First thing this morning we called to see and they had one!!! So a quick trip to the junkyard, 40€, a scraped knuckle and 5 min install later and my car has a new-to-me taillight. Woo!!

lundi, avril 02, 2012

'cause I eats me spinach

A big pack of baby spinach on sale inspired me to go back to this recipe. Yum.