mardi, novembre 29, 2011

Saving Christmas

Not much new around here... the weather finally is icky (wind is howling outside!) it's crazy to think that this time last year we had snow!!!

I just wanted to hop online and share with the world that  I finally found an xmas tree stand! I saw it at Casa for 10€ so for all you expats out there stop by your local Casa to see if they've got any! I think we'll wait a little longer before busting out the tree (still haven't seen them sold yet, maybe our area is a little behind?) and decorations but once we do this little elves workshop will be steaming ahead! woot! 

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Vivi a dit…

Ha ha!! I actually brought one home from the States - a big huge one like that! I had to buy a new suitcase for it!! LOL I finally convinced Stéphane that if we had a good American stand that we could put water in we could have a real tree that won't lose its needles. Well at least it was only $8 and I had a lot of Christmas presents to bring back anyway!