jeudi, février 08, 2007


I decided I needed to get out of the house so when I called my best bud she suggested that we go to a concert at the new music hall in town, Le Cargo. It was free to the first 200 students and the hall itself was really nice. It was my first punk concert and I did have a good laugh, but the music just isn't my thing. My favorite part of the concert was watching all the crowd surfers!
Things are calming down a bit workwise, I started classes up again after the January exams and the second semester is starting off smoothly. But I have been busy trying to tie up ends to move, finding boxes and running around. We'll be moving on Wednesday so then there'll be a short hiatus in blogland just because I don't feel comfortable using working computers to blog. I never talk about work here not because I'm avoiding talking about anything negative but just because I'd prefer to leave that aspect of my life off the blog.

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