mardi, août 22, 2006

uno nite

We've been playing lots of board games in the evenings, its really fun to get together a whole bunch of people and actually talk and laugh and kick some uno-bootie! Reminds me of family camping trips back when we didn't have dvds to watch etc... Here's a picture of Mystery Guest Card Shark himself as well as two friends from the other night when we went for the World Championship round of Uno!

Guess who won?? :-) hehe

But it was a great night because I also got a chance to see my new best friend:

I am also the champion multi-tasker! I was playing with her, playing Uno and teaching English! She kept giving me cards and I replied with thank you. Eventually she started repeating it back to me but with the most adorable accent! It came out something like pichu :-) sooo cute!

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we_love_tea a dit…

What a cutie!! That reminds me of my 6-year-old student who gave me a card saying, "Bery, bery arigatou!"