jeudi, décembre 17, 2009

Christmas party

Tonight is the office Christmas party and since I don't know what to expect; I've never been to an office Christmas party (and because 90% of me colleagues are British), all I can picture is the drunk karaoke scene from Bridget Jones' Diary... You all know the one right?
Sometime I feel like I live in that movie... Maybe I should rename my blog!

Milk Jam's Diary

Does that have a good ring to it?

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4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

well? how was the british christmas office party?!

Betty C. a dit…

A Merry Christmas to you! I'm going to try to be a better blog follower (and writer) in the new year...

MilkJam a dit…

the christmas party was awesome!!!! everything i thought it would be + snow! :-)
a french christmas party that is made up of 80% british coworkers is the perfect combination!
drunk karaoke, lots of yummy food, crazy english christmas songs - excellent!

Anonyme a dit…

you seriously have the best job ever! my xmas (j's) workd party was tooooo french.