vendredi, février 08, 2008


Today was quite the adventure! I took the train up to Mystery Guest's house Thursday evening and early Friday morning we left to drive the 3 hours down to Rennes. We caught a beautiful sunrise over the water on the way out and had a spectacular view of sun through the frosted fields and low fog.
We made it down there without a problem and after a little hunting around and a quick call to Sam we found the American Presence Post in Rennes (like a mini-embassy). I had to go in person to get 2 different documents to get PACSed - yup yup Mr. Mystery Guest and I are gonna be civil-unionized baby :-) It was a piece of cake and I'm so glad that I went to Rennes instead of the mad-house that the American Embassy in Paris is.. yuck!

As soon as we could we shot out of town and to Merlin's forest. We tried to go to this great creperie nearby but it was closed, I think I shed a little tear.. So we went off to the forest. I just love that place, it is so beautiful and this is the 3rd time we've been there. Who says it rains 100% of the time in Brittany? Everytime we've been there we've had unbelieveable weather! The scenery is stunning and it was warm, sunny and no wind, felt like spring had sprung.
Afterwards we went in search of a geo-cache in the forest near Fougeres. It was just one of those magical days of sunshine after a long grey winter (which according to the Groundhog is not over yet!)
Since we couldn't get our crepes in Brittany we stopped by a fantastic creperie in Caen - le Vieux Pommier if anyone is interested. It is teeny-tiny with about 20 seats and one woman who runs the whole show. She's the waitress, the chef and the dishwasher and believe me it is impressive to see her work (always smiling) when the restaurant is packed! Today we called at 6:30 to see if we could make a reservation and when she asked what time and I asked when they would open she said anytime, I can open now! So we were the only ones in there for the first half of our meal.

It was a fantastic day, got a seemingly paperwork headache out of the way and got to enjoy the sunshine, the adventure of a road trip and great company for the rest! ;-)

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cara a dit…

I'm not sure what the etiquette is for the PACS thing...but I say Congrats! You guys seem like a great couple and I am happy for you that you took this step.

Anonyme a dit…

It sounds like you had a wonderful, magical day!
The photos are beautiful. I'm so happy for you both!!
lots of love,

ViVi a dit…

I just wanted to say congrats as well! :D

Samantha a dit…

Aw, that does sound like a great day! I'm bummed we couldn't meet up yesterday, but I'd really like to head out your way once all this craziness is done in a few months!

Anonyme a dit…

Adventure, indeed! Best wishes on your journey together. Congratulations to you both. love, Kc

Leah a dit…

Congrats!! And, no, it doesn't allllways rain in Bretagne. As we say, "en Bretagne, il pleut que sur les cons"!