mercredi, février 13, 2008

sew sew

Last night I finally decided to break out my new sewing machine that I got at Lidl for only 60e (+3 year warrenty!!) a few months ago. I hadn't had time to even take it out of the box, nor a small project I could play with. So I decided my new project would be to take off the annoying flappy end of my duvet cover that you're supposed to tuck under and put some snaps on to close it. I hate it when my blanket wiggies its way out of the cover and gets all messed up... me? OCD? never...

Anyway it was a fun little project to test out my kick-ass sewing machine! That thing is a beast and has so many functions! Lidl rocks my world! Yes I get excited over new duvet covers and sewing machines, who doesn't?

**End nerdy moment**

2 commentaires:

Jennie a dit…

Every duvet cover should have snaps!!!!!!!! I'm glad someone else agrees with me!

The Late Bloomer a dit…

Wish I knew how to sew! One of these days I'm going to HAVE to learn... But for now, that will just have to wait. I'm not all that crafty either. But I like drawing!