mercredi, septembre 14, 2005

travels travels

Been a while since I posted because I've basically been go go go non-stop since my last post. I went to Paris and then did a mad dash through the airport to catch a train to St Etienne for my ex-roomie's wedding. Managed to make it there on time after changing clothes on the train and heading straight there WITH all my luggage. Dined on tajine and danced "fest-noz meets Marrakesh" until the wee hours of the morning. I managed not to fall asleep in my soup so that was a big accomplishment! The next day was brunch with the wedding party then I decided that the town was really not that interesting on a Sunday so I went a bit earlier to Lyon.

I stayed in Lyon with another friend from university for 2 nights, she did an excellent job showing me the city and I totally feel in love, it is sooooo beautiful there. I need to explore other regions of France more often!! So after caramel ice cream, butter-colored houses and two beautiful rivers I was back on the train to Paris. Stayed the night and then this morning caught a flight to Denmark to visit a friend. I'll be here for 10 days but apparently missed the good weather as it is WINDY and blowing rain.... oh well there is always vegging in front of the tv!

So I hope whoever is reading this is doing well. I'll try to update more often but between the øø's and ææ's it takes a bit of time! Might try to get some pictures up too but that will probably end up being when I get back home to Normandy! But leave me some comments and I'll check in often!

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