vendredi, septembre 23, 2005

Around the world in 3 hours

Went on a little day trip yesterday to the rainforest, yup here in Denmark! In a nearby town (Randers) there is a rainforest, actually 3 rainforests. There are 3 different greenhouse-type domes housing 3 different groups of rainforests, Africa, South America and Asia.

More the half of the animals there are not in cages but just leaping through the air, monkeys swinging from branch to branch, birds and butterflies zipping about it was all pretty amazing! We saw the tiniest primate on earth, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! Course we couldn't touch them, wouldn't want to risk an Outbreak-type senario! But watched the guides feed gibbons, river otters, strange looking little dogs from south america, monster guinea pigs (yummy)... impressive! Who knew all that good fun existed in the northern part of Denmark?? haha

One of the best parts was the temperature, 25+ C and really humid, I really did feel like I had landed in the Amazon. When I get the pictures downloaded I'll post some, I think I got some great shots of animals I hadn't even heard of until yesterday.

Today we're off to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then I've got tomorrow and then my flight/train ride home on Sunday! My 2 months of non-Normandy fun have sure flown by but I am excited to go back to my house (uhh, apartment), hang my new Ikea curtains, check my mail and catch up with friends.

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