lundi, septembre 26, 2005

tah dah!

Ok I made it back to Normandy, my 2 months of traveling around the globe have come to an end.

But I do have to say its nice to be home.

I got back to my little flat and have started on my amazingly long list of things to do...

1) grocery shopping (done!)
2) registrar at the university
4) get a residency permit
5) boring stuff (bank, CAF, laundry...)

But to get my head cleared and my place feeling like mine I've just rearranged all my furniture (again) as I have a new couch its been a bit of a puzzle trying to fit things. Got my curtains up!But everything is all hooked up and I like the results. I think the best thing about going home was the HUGE pile of mail that was waiting for me! It seems like I never get mail (hint hint) so it was really fun to sort through all that (even though some were bills...).

So except for the job thing (hire me! please!) all is well over here. I'm back in the swing of things, meeting up with friends and enjoying being home.

Someone across the courtyard is making some sort of bread or cookies, it smells amazing, I might have to go make dinner now...!

Good to be back :)

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