jeudi, août 25, 2005

go marching 1 by 1... hurrah!

Just got back from "March of the Penguins", man did they march! No but seriously it was a nice movie, amazing that they could shoot in that cold! Since I'm stateside I saw the English version with Morgan Freeman doing the narration (brillant job!) and when we were chatting before the movie I found out that apparently the French version has the penguins actually talking! (Can anyone verify this for me?) Or maybe I'll just rent the DVD when I go back.

Speaking of going back, I'm doing a very good job of partaking in all that is Americana... English muffins with cream cheese (yes m'am Philly!) and good Mexican food... the list could go on and on, hopefully I won't put on any "American 15" while I'm over here! That would not do for my tight-ass Frenchie pants!
Otherwise these are not going to be very exciting posts until I get back (I do say dahhling I lead a very exciting life!)

Enough of the blabble and time for bed.
Night folks.

3 commentaires:

ben a dit…

Hey, speaking of food, can you get me these peanut butter m&ms thingys?!? please?! Cheers

Cassandra a dit…

KariKari! (ah ha ha)
Nice to see that you've joined the blogging world. I had to put mine out of action to avoid my stalker-friend from Yale...ahem...but hopefully I'll be setting some more private account up so that I can continue a blog thingy of some kind, too.

Hopefully I'll be seeing you in Portland in a couple weeks, but if not maybe I'll see you in France or America or Japan or some other random country in the next couple years instead! :P

Fumi a dit…

hey, Karina.
I just visited your blog to see how you are doing in France. hisasiburi!

Typhoon is attaking on Japan now and we have earthquakes very often recentyl. just now I read the news that next terrorism will happen in Tokyo!

If I can survive this crucial world for next 3 years, I'm going to visit to see you! cross your fingers,