jeudi, janvier 13, 2011

Coming to an end..

Wow the job I started back in Sep '09 is finishing up! It's a CDD contract and instead of getting my congès paid at the end of my contract (which would then be counted as income & taxable) I chose to use them at the end to finish early. Finally got the last calculation of my days off and will have my last day January 27th instead of February 28th.

Given that technically I'll be on vacation in February instead of on unemployment I've decided to take advantage of the low fares and go to California for 10 days to visit my dad & grandparents. Something to look forward to in dreary February is always nice :-)

So the new job hunt is officially on!! I'm looking for: something closer to home (current job is 118km away!!) and something a bit more challenging/involving.

I can't wait for the day where I'm excited to get out if bed and go to work... Please tell me this isn't a dream!

So anyone have any job leads??? :-)

2 commentaires:

ditdit a dit…

I don't know where you live exactly, but maybe look for companies that do import/export, need translations, the tourism industry...

Megan a dit…

Good luck finding something. It can be really hard in France for foreigners.