samedi, janvier 29, 2011


Well that's it folks, I've finished work! My time filling in for Bridget Jones comes to an end February 28th but I put my paid holidays at the end of my contract so I could stop work early and not drive that long drive everyday (118km each way for 18 months, I'm a little tired!). So as of Thursday I am on holiday until my contract comes up, then it's time to get another job! The HR does not want to give me a full time job in a local branch because I do not have branch exprience but cannot give me another CDD because I have already maxed out my CDD options. They said they will call me if a maternity leave contract comes up... I'm not holding my breath.

Looks like in March I'll go back to teaching at least for a while but I'm hoping to find something else more long term. At least I've got the teaching to fall back on as well as the unemployment payments. I also planned in a quick 10 day trip to California to visit my grandparents and my dad. Can't wait to see some sun instead of February drizzle!

New development in my quest to become a Frenchie:

The Prefecture called me Thursday afternoon and said that he was very sorry but there was a paper he forgot to have me fill out when I dropped off my application last July... Could I come by to do it? So I gave up my relaxing Friday to drive down to the Prefecture... an hour each way for a 15 minute meeting. Oh well. He was really nice and said that things should be moving along! He thinks its a matter of a mere 2 to 3 months before I get the official decision but he said he thinks there's no reason for me to worry - I hope he's right!

Here's to job hunting and a positive reply from the French government!

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Anonyme a dit…

so cool, I'll be following your frenchie quest with interest! happy holidays!! x

Ksam a dit…

Yay!! :)

Megan a dit…

oh man, I would be annoyed that they wasted all that time in letting me know. Anyway, good luck with the rest.