vendredi, mars 24, 2006


I showed up to work this morning only to find that the lycée where I work is finally blocked!!

I had been the only one of my assistant friends who still had to go to work because my lycée was never blocked, kids were just not showing up.

Well today that changed, I showed up to school and there were tons of signs, garbage cans and kids doing a sitting in front of the school. I managed to make my way past the barrier to get inside only to find out that the kids were letting the teachers in but not the students. There is some sort of teacher meeting concerning the grève, clearly I'm not going to that. But I do have an hour to kill before a lunch meeting with a friend so I'm taking advantage of the computers to add this little blog post ;)

I'd love for the university to be unblocked but hey if they lycée kids want to keep blocking work feel free!!!

*note - Sadly I forgot my camera so I pulled this image off a website, it was taken from a lycée in Paris, not here in Caen... ;)

vocab key:
lycée - high school
sitting - french corruption of a "sit in"
grève - strike

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