samedi, mars 18, 2006

if you can't take it....

Friday evening I spent a lovely evening celebrating a belated Mardi Gras and an on-time Paddy's Day. It was great fun! It was a big potluck of New Orleans yumminess, risotto, cake sale a la Benedicte, cornbread, crepes and coffeecake! I stuffed myself full and in fantastic company and then waddled over to a friend's house to celebrate Paddy's Day in a true Irish fashion. :) (Photos to come)

But afterwards my lovely evening just had to be ruined. After a friend and I walked home, just in front of my door there was this crazy drunk American exchange student leaving a closing bar and screaming about how crazy this country is, how stupid blah blah blah.

That really really irks me in a bad way. It really bothers me all the people who come to France "for the experience" to really see "how french people live" and then all they do is complain and moan all the time about how crazy and stupid this country is.

If you don't like it why do you stay??? Who is forcing you??

Go home!

So thats what I told her! Ohhhh!!!!! For half a second I really thought she was about to slap me!! Couldn't believe it! But I stood my ground and granted she was plastered so I could have easily taken her but that attitude really rubs me the wrong way and it felt good to get it off my chest... ;)

On a more positive note looking forward to the visit of the lovely Miss Ambre tomorrow!

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Gem a dit…

Shhhhhh--I think Jube might leave me for you if you keep spouting that "I like France" nonsense! :)

benny a dit…

You go girl !!!

Mr Mystery Guest a dit…

Benny stole my line ! You go girl !

Pam a dit…