mercredi, mars 29, 2006

well being

I've always thought of water as a natural healer. It clears your mind and helps to heal any problems that could be going on in your life. This is why I could never live too far from the beach, I would go crazy, I need that easy accessibility to water even if it is the middle of the winter.

Which is why I'm really glad the pool finally reopened. It had been closed for the last week due to la vidange (or la vie d'ange as I like to call it hehehe) and I really felt like it had perturbed my weekly routine. Now that some other things are changing as well in my routine (remember that greve? yeah, haven't had class in over 3 weeks now) it is good to have something stable back.

Especially since water really does heal.

vocab cheat sheet:
vidange - 1st meaning: oil change, 2nd meaning: changing pool water
vie d'ange - life of an angel (my way to remember vocab #1 but too poetic according to the frenchies I know)
greve - you should know this now! strike!

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