lundi, mars 20, 2006

a norman weekend

Phew! Its been a busy but fantastic weekend! After celebrating Paddy's Day Friday night I woke up early Saturday morning to pick up the lovely Miss Ambre from the train station. We came back home and starting the process of getting caught up! But its great, even though it had been 2 years it felt like yesterday! Plus so many things to talk about!

Then when Mystery Guest finished his morning tutoring he came over for some Paddy's Day left overs and then hit we hit the road. As Ambre has never been to Normandy I asked Mystery Guest if he had some time to do a little drive. We had previously planned to just take a quick drive to the Suisse Normande to see the lovely countryside but when Mystery Guest said that it was only another 1 hour and 1/2 to go to Mont Saint Michel (a must see!) and offered to drive us all the way there we decided to extend our little road trip!

Ambre was a bit sleepy and took a nap in the car but I promised I wouldn't post that picture ;)We walked all up and through the winding streets of the mont to take in the view (and the wind!!) before tucking into a nice crepe and tea. Here are a couple pictures:

La Mere Poulard, a famous omlette restaurant on the mont, apparently making the most fuffy delicious omlettes you've ever tasted! (in the 3 or 4 times I've visited the Mont Saint Michel I've never tasted one, too expensive and can an omlette really be that good??)

I thought this picture of a little bird that Ambre took was just adorable. It is even better knowing that while she was taking it she kept telling it to turn around - and it did! Good little birdie!

Sunday morning and early afternoon was spent at the market in Caen and enjoying a coffee on the sunny terrace. It was a lovely relaxing weekend and great to get caught up with old friends! It was funny to realize that I have some wonderful close friends here in Caen but it is different to be close friends with someone since you were 18! There were so many stories that came out in conversation about people and places that seem so far away... But that friendship can last and get stronger with the years. Thanks for a lovely visit Ambre! Come back whenever you can!!

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi Karina,
What a fun time! It's worth a mention that Miss Ambre is from Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean! Wasn't your visit to Reunion the last time you saw her? And, I remember when the three of us had Thai dinner in Oregon! Small world!

Miss you!

Love, Mom

we_love_tea a dit…

Yokatta, ne! It's great that you had a good time!!!

I also had a reunion with an old friend of 22 twin sisters count as "old friends"? LOL We both agreed that we didn't even feel like we were in Japan, because we were actually with someone who didn't require us to think really hard about the language gap!

A Novelist a dit…

Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog. Looking forward to reading more. Take care.

Fumi a dit…

hi, Karina.
Did ambre visit you?? iinaa~ I wish I could join!! I will have 9days summer vacation, so I just checked price for air ... TOO EXPENSIVE. :(

I have plan to visit Chile in this winter. will you come with me to visit Natacha?!