dimanche, mars 12, 2006

gelato italiano

I think I've died and gone to heaven! While walking around town Thursday evening I saw that the restaurant they were doing travaux on was now finished... the boring old cafe is gone and in its place there is an Amorino!

This wonderful gelateria was a Paris discovery of mine but there is more to it, this is not just ice cream, oh no, this is an pure joy in a cup! (or cone if you prefer, I prefer the cups 'cause I don't like the dribbly melted ice cream on my hands...)

To make a long story short, when I made another trip into town yesterday my gourmandise got the better of me and I just had to stop in and try some.

So I just ordered a petit pot and the girl stocked it full of Biscotto & Stracciatella.


4 commentaires:

Pumpkin a dit…

I had never had Italian ice cream until my husband introduced it to me here in France. I love ice cream, but Italian ice cream is heaven (you are so right).

I have been dreaming about it lately. I can't wait until it is warmer and the little ice cream venders will be setting up all though the little streets in the middle of Strasbourg.

Formely known as Mystery guest a dit…

Hey !! you were supposed to wait for me !!

Karina a dit…

formely known? what am I supposed to call you now? a symbol? % ? @ ?
Don't worry, I'll go there with you as much as you want!!!! :D I'm allllllways up for gelato! ;)

we_love_tea a dit…

I'm jealous!

I (long, drawn out, whining) want some ice cream, too~!


Good thing I don't have a sweet tooth, considering I hang out every day in a coffee shop with tons of CHEESECAKE displayed in the windows!