mercredi, mars 01, 2006


(I think this is a personal blogging record, 3 posts in a day! I'm a bit bored, or procrastinating or something...)

Anyway while breaking icy puddles last weekend (and imitating the sound they make) I learned a new expression: faire crac-crac (slang/sweet way to say 'make love').

Today while watching tv there was an ad that said:

"Oh, I guess he didn't faire crac-crac this morning!!"

Refering to the crunchy-toast biscuits on the left.

I just about peed my pants I was laughing so hard. And of course well pleased that learning this new expression proved useful ;-)

4 commentaires:

Pumpkin Pie a dit…

You gotta love those French commercials...and, my French husband never told me this one!, I will know what it means the next time I hear it. Blogs are great. Thanks for sharing! :)

Jen a dit…

Interesting... I was watching TV the other day with a friend and it was that commercial and i believe the friend said something along those lines but I wasn't totally following at that point in time. Now i understand. Miss ya babe

Pam a dit…

Fantastic! This is an expression I will truly enjoy...thanks!

Samantha a dit…

Thanks, didn't know that one!