dimanche, mars 05, 2006


My adventurous vacation continued with a trip down to Tours to see the lovely Miss Claire T. who is doing a Masters in History with a speciality in Renaissance...! (Did I get that right Claire?)

After a little mishap getting off to the Caen train station (I think I did the 2nd stupidest thing in my life - leaving my card in the ATM!) I managed to make my train with 3 minutes to spare!

As we trundled down to Tours I spent the ride knitting a baby blanket for a friend who's expecting, in spite of the stares of other passangers. Yes people I'm not a grandma stop staring!

I explored Tours with my fantastic guide who gives me the historical background of the city as well as the fun stuff :) I love it! We did a bit of unexpected shopping giggling like two 12-year olds but had a blast! Then we spent the evenings oggling over the lovely Mr. Ledger and Mr. McGregor.

Saturday morning we awoke to the city dusted in snow but made it to the station for our train up to Paris where we picked up Miss Libby who came in from England for the weekend. After finding her hotel we made our way to St Lazare to indulge ourselves in a Starbucks and a chat before I caught my train home.

For once I didn't have the majority of my train travel alone as Benette was on the same train. However the train was soooo full due to the end of vacation that we spent the majority of the trip at the end of the car next to the loo catching up on the break.

Its good to be back home but I'm not looking forward to starting up again tomorrow... sadly back to the grindstone.

2 commentaires:

Kristin a dit…

Glad to hear you had a good break! It sounds like fun and I'm jealous of all the movie watching and good food eating!

Were you on the 16h00 to Caen, by chance? If so, we were on the same train...

See you soon!

Karina a dit…

Hey! Good to know you're back after such an adventure, can't wait to read about it on your blog.
Turns out we weren't on the same train, I took the one leaving Paris at 5:29... would have been funny though!
See ya next time you pass through town!!!!
karina :)