jeudi, mars 09, 2006


I started this blog back in August as a way to keep in touch and its already been 100 posts!

Whodda thought I'd get so blogging addicted?

Thanks to those who read and comment! Its good fun hearing different reactions from people and a great way for me to keep a sort of journal.

Happy 100 Blog!

7 commentaires:

Pam a dit…

And it's good fun reading your posts!
Congratulations on 100!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Congratulations!! I know I don't comment much, but I always read :)

Gem a dit…

Erm, that was me, Gem, masquerading as "anonymous."

Le vengeur Masqué a.k.a Mystery Guest a dit…

always fun ! Please carry on ! ;)

Samantha a dit…

happy "100 posts" day from me too!

we_love_tea a dit…

Omedetou Gozaimasu!
tea girl

Natalie a dit…

oh come on people! i was expecting at least ONE saracstic comment about what a loser karina is for blogging all the time. :)

you know i love you paxy.