jeudi, mars 23, 2006


Wednesday was a momentous occasion...

I voted in France!

If you've lived in a hole for the last few weeks there are lots of strikes going on in France at the moment. I haven't been to the university for several weeks now. But I went up to there to participate in the student vote. It was actually 2 different votes.

*The first was to a vote for or against the blocking of the university buildings.

*The second was for or against the CPE.

It was interesting to be there participating but I did shed a little tear when the woman controling the votes cut my student card to show I'd already voted! I was wondering how they would control the situation so there wouldn't be any double voting... no computers or list or stickers, just cut up your student card and its all good. haha.

Not sure how these votes will actually affect anything but still seems democratic to go vote! Only wish I'd have brought my camera!

4 commentaires:

Pam a dit…

YAY! I think it's awesome that you voted...kudos to you!

kim a dit…

Sounds like things may end up being a little complicated for you!

Keep us updated, I am keeping an eye on what happens over there, especially since I think it may set the tone to how things go here with our official referendum in Le Havre.

kim a dit…

ugh, that link didn't work.

if you look on the normandy page on france 3 (, in the news headlines toward the bottom is the Caen article I was refering too. Basically despite the majority of students voting for classes to start back up, the blockade students are continuing to vote in their blockade. :s

Karina a dit…

roger that, will keep you updated... i doubt anything will change before Wednesday over here though due to the national strike on Tuesday... annoying!