samedi, mars 25, 2006

sweet potato pie

You may ask how it is that I've made 2 sweet potato pies in the last 4 months in France when I had never made one before in my life...

Answer being, apparently Mystery Guest loves all things Southern! haha

Just teasing out there but seriously it is fun to be able to try things from home that I'd never thought of making. And I think it's also true that when abroad it is always the things that you never eat at home (and can't find abroad) that you end up craving!

In the States I was never a huge peanut butter fan, yes I ate it from time to time but while in France I go through my 2 pound jar like nobodys business!! Or things like cornbread, biscuits or trying really hard to make a cheesecake with French subsitutes (never turns out all that well...)

So now my apartement is perfumed with the sweetness that is a sweet potato pie... it will be preceded by a nice chicken noodle soup! (again made from scratch! how much do I rock??)

(side note: I found a great trick for cooking all kinds of potatoes, including sweet potatoes, before boiling them slice a ring around the potato, just deep enough to go through all the skin. Then boil the potatoes as usual and when you're done drain the hot water and add ice water for about 10 seconds. Then when you pick up the potato the skin just slides right off! Presto-chango! Magic!)

3 commentaires:

we_love_tea a dit…

haha, I know where you learned THAT trick... *wink*

I survived my Japanese speech! Go me!

Karina a dit…

hey if you've got the link to that video again send it to me and i'll post it in that post ;) lol would be funny. cracked me up!

Natalie a dit…

hey, wheres my pie???