lundi, mars 13, 2006

15 minutes

My 15 minutes of fame.

I was interviewed for the University of Caen radio station - the Phenix!

They are doing interviews every 2 weeks with international students here on campus to talk about differences and break down some stereotypes.

They asked me to bring in some American music to play during the show and I couldn't think of many things that I like but that weren't too well known here. I thought it wouldn't be fun to play music that you hear all the time on the radio. So I chose the following songs:

1. Redemption by Magdalen Hsu-li (who came to my university at home to give a concert, she's great!)

2. Unmistakeable Day by Jacob Ray (a new up-and-coming Portland band which includes a friend of mine from high school!)

If you figure out how to listen to the program it should be funny, at one point I sing a little Yankee Doodle Dandy... you'll have to hear it to get it ;)

Tuesday March 21th at 20h on the internet or on the local station (87.6 fm)

5 commentaires:

benny a dit…

Je peux avoir un autographe ?!?

Samantha a dit…

cool, i try to listen to it online if i can!

Pumpkin a dit…

I would have been nervous...I sing Yankee Doodle with my kids all the time! :)

Natalie a dit…

so no dave huh? see if i give you advice again. btw, stop writing in my blog how much you love and miss me. people are going to start getting weird ideas...

Karina a dit…

well according to the froggies i asked Dave is known so I decided to go with some other stuff.

see if i ever comment on your blog again!!! :P