samedi, mars 11, 2006


Well its that time of year again... ya'll know what I'm talking about - Spring Cleaning!

This morning I opened up all the windows (yes all 1 of them....) and air out my place and clean clean! Laundry is a-going and I ventured into the black hole that is my top closet shelf... Haven't looked up there since the summer, found all sorts of goodies! (Alas, no money. Don't you love that? You clean and find 20 bucks? Joy!)

And brought down 3 loads of empty boxes and crap that I had been hording up there. Whoever said I wasn't a packrat???

Actually even though the weather is great and there is for sure a hint of spring in the air my mad frenzy is mostly due to all the work I have to do.

I'm one of those people who procrastinates by cleaning... you should have seen my apartment while I was writing my thesis 3 years ago - spic 'n span! And I've got tons of stuff to do...

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