lundi, février 27, 2006


Well I'm back from my weekend road trip to Brittany! I'm a bit tired but wanted to write a bit before I forgot, the longer I procrastinate the less likely I am to put all that I want into a post... So, this was the first time that I'd really visited the region and it was fantastic! Granted the weather was not always the best, but what can you expect in February? Anyway Mystery Guest and I made the best of things and saw tons of stuff dispite the biting wind!

First stop was Dinard for a brief picnic lunch where we experienced a bit of culture shock as all the signs were in Breton. Would have thought we had gone to another country!

Then we continued along the coast to St Brieuc where a visit to the tourist office paid off as we found an adorable farmhouse B&B with right-out-of-the-cows fresh milk in the hot cocoa for breakfast!

The next morning we hit the road early to visit the Castle la Roche Jagu (my Mystery Guest might have ancestors related to this monument so it was a must see!) The high ceilings and sweeping views of the river below convinced me that I need to look up castles of my own! Jealous I was! ;)

We continued along the coast to see the Pink Granite coastline but the impressive wind - 'duck cold' - was too much for us so we opted for a crepe lunch instead.

The trip ended with another B&B in Paimpont where we lucked out with beautiful weather on our last day which was perfect for hiking through the forest to see Merlin's tomb, the lake of the Fairy Viviane and the Giant's tomb among other sites.

Traveling always makes me think how you can take things as they come, make the best out of it and have a great time. Or you can get stuck on something negative and ruin the vacation. Falling in the mud, the wind or traffic could ruin your day or you could laugh at funny town names, sing along to bad 80's music in the car and enjoy a good crepe and come home with wonderful memories. Good traveling companions are few and far between, I am very lucky!

On the round table... I assume its the original, don't you think??? ;)

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Samantha a dit…

Sounds cool, but next time you will def have to come to Vannes *S*! And I love the fôret de broceliande - did you visit the fountain of youth, too?

Pam a dit…

And come to our B&B in Brittany next time...We're not far from Vannes so you can see Samantha too!