dimanche, février 12, 2006

weekend recap

I had a great but busy weekend. On Friday I had 30 minutes after class to throw together an over-night bag and then I went back up to the high school where I teach. I met up with a teacher that works there and he drove me back to his house in neighboring Bayeux.

He and his wife invited me for dinner, they were so nice and welcoming I had a great time. They have 3 boys who were all really sweet and after a nice - but relaxed - dinner we watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

I had a great time chatting with this teacher and his wife, they are so interesting having traveled all over the world. In fact they are currently applying to teach in the US next year, in cities where I've been or where I have family so I could talk a bit about that with them. They were also really interested in hearing about the educational system in the States, so I tried to explain as much as possible how things work, teaching style etc...

I think I spoke more French in those 24 hours then in the last month... I mean long complicated conversations, it had been a while! So since Bayeux is quite far I stayed over for the night and then after exploring the little farmers market in the morning I took the train back home at noon.

Last night the girls and I had a taco salad/Much Ado About Nothing evening. It was good fun and nice to relax a bit. Today I think I'll make some cookies to give to the teacher tomorrow as a thank you.

1 more week and then vacation here I come!!!!! Can't wait!!!

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