dimanche, février 19, 2006


Like I said in my previous post I had to go practice a scene from A Streetcar Named Desire for my Masters class on Tuesday. There are 3 of us in the group and we met at Vanessa's apartment. When I arrived the other guy in the group had already arrived and there was also the roommate, her boyfriend and Vanessa's boyfriend.

Turns out I was the only one who had memorized my lines (I don't have thaaat many and its in English! easy!) so we sat around talking over a bottle of wine and little toasts with cheese.

I had the best time sitting around chatting about anything and everything and I never felt like the foreigner, like people were slowing down for me etc. I even cracked a joke!!! No, but seriously I have so many English-speaking friends sometimes I wonder if I could survive without that group. I've often told myself that my friends are my friends because I enjoy their company not just because they are English speakers.

Tonight confirmed that.

I felt so comfortable. I think if my safety-net of this English community were taken away from me I'd be just fine.

Here I am now, gossiping with other friends from my course over MSN just as I would with friends from home.

I have to admit, it feels good.

After 3 years it feels damn good.

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we_love_tea a dit…

ii, ne! It sounds like you had a nice time with your friends! I'm still working on my network of friends over here...like you said, it takes TIME TIME TIME...

well, I guess I'd better get to takin' a shower and making my lunch & dinner for the day...already did laundry, attempted to transfer money to my American bank account (yeesh), and put my futon out to soak in sunshine. Busy girl, ne!

Natalie a dit…

WHAT?! you could survive without ME? ha! i doubt it. you'd have to detach me from your hip first. :)