vendredi, février 10, 2006

new discovery!

Well I'm here on my lunch break at my other high school and I'm one happy clam! I just discovered a computer that not only lets me check my Yahoo mail (the other computers block it grrrrr) but has MSN already on it!! Perfect for Fridays where I have 2 1-hour breaks! (insert Happy Dance here)

So I'm one happy camper sitting here surfing, catching up on email and chatting away - well would be chatting away but no one is online!! Anyway this is extremely useful knowledge for the future.

Now if only I had something to eat... my stomach is growling away and I won't have any time until 4pm today to eat... what a rough life.

Happy weekend everyone!

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we_love_tea a dit…

WOW, great minds think alike. You should read the last line of the blog I just wrote! (no, no, no, not all that about the computer, but about empty stomachs, silly!)