dimanche, février 05, 2006


So while making crepe batter yesterday I just about busted a gut when I heard:

"Its really too bad I don't have a whip this is really lumpy."


About 10 minutes later I recovered from my hysterical laughing to reply:

"That would be a whisk"

3 commentaires:

Le vengeur Masqué a dit…

There's still something I'm curious about. Why then do they say whipped cream, whereas it should be a whisked cream ?.. Another mystery of English :)

Ambre a dit…

Remind me of saying a "stroppy" sea when meaning a "troppy sea"..or maybe it's the contrary?? What would Mr Freud have said to all that, I wonder!! Maybe it works with a whip as well, who knows! Were the pancakes good,??

Karina a dit…

ah ha! miss ambre is checking my blog again :D fun!
you're always up for a laugh aren't ya? ;)

gros bisous