dimanche, février 19, 2006

beach, dvds, knitting and baking

I decided that even though I have a million and a half things to do, I need a break! So this weekend I dedicated to relaxing!

Saturday I slept in and then made myself a yummy breakfast before taking a little trip to the beach. It is amazing how just standing there listening to the waves can clear your mind, just a meditation... it was great. I realized something, things like that are all about quality and not quantity. I only stayed at the beach for 1 hour, took the first bus home but it was exactly what I needed.

I came back into town and after a quick chat with Natalie at Dolly's (and some scones for an afternoon tea) I came home and watched Shrek while fixing (and finishing) a neckwarmer that I had started a while back.

What do you think?

Then I met up with a friend to meet her new boyfriend (!!!) and then made a yummy stir-fry dinner with Natalie and Anne-Celine. Yum yum.

Today was another great day, I met up with my friend Shannan for a coffee at the market where the nice apple-dude chatted me up and gave me free pears when my friend Virginie called to say she was in town until early afternoon. So I did another tour of the market with her and her friend before heading over to the swimming pool.

I just got home and am making apple sauce (with those yummy market apples) to put into applesauce muffins all while watching The Neverending Story and blogging. I'm not sure if my vacation could get off to a better start! :)

Edit: Here are the beautiful muffins I made! I had to meet some classmates to practice a scene from Streetcar Named Desire (ou bien un tramway nomme desir si vous voulez...) for our theater class on Tuesday. I brought muffins to bring a bit of energy and they were a big hit :)

5 commentaires:

Brittany a dit…

Wow, that sounds like fun! Can't wait for spring break...

And that's a neat neckwarmer, how did you make it?

Karina a dit…

yea spring break! :) yeah too bad you can't come again this year, that'd be fun!
i knitted the neckwarmer with yarn anne gave me for xmas, it was the yarn that made it look cook, the stitch is very basic.

Antipodeesse a dit…

Your neckwarmer is beautiful! Could you post muffin recipe please? I've never put apple sauce in baked goods, it sounds like it would make them lovely and moist though...

Karina a dit…

I love putting applesauce in baked goods, less sugar and a lot of moist flavor ;) hehe moist is such a funny word.
right here is the recipe i found online:


let me know if you need any converstion info, i've got that as well.

Antipodeesse a dit…

Thanks Karina! It sounds good, esp. with all those spices in. I'll keep you posted!