samedi, octobre 01, 2005


Its officially the weekend! Whooo!

Today started off great, was pulled from bed by my friend calling from Down Under! Good chat on the phone, great to be back in touch with the world, literally.

Had a good day but didn't do all that much aside from an interview for a nanny-ing position with a family here. They seem really nice, live very close to me and have a beautiful 2 year old girl. It might work out to 6ish hours a week which would be nice. Pick up the petite from the creche and give her dinner and a bath until the parents come home. We will see...

Met some new assistants here, from all over, Canada, Ireland, New Orleans... we are a mixed bunch! Going over to Miss Ireland's flat for a game nite, meet some more people. Some of them work at the uni here and it would be really nice to recognize people around campus, maybe have lunch sometime!

I've bitten my nails down to the stubs while hoping that some silly anglophone doesn't turn up here and I can get their job... Don't post much cause thats all thats really going on here!

Oh little funny story for you folks; while walking back from a friend's house after dinner last night some boys walked by us saying "oh the lovely girls, just like swallows with 2 wings" .... uhhh duh! All swallows have 2 wings... Come up with something better next time! (although it is the first time I've been called a swallow, I rather like that...)

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